Where'd all my fonts go, Word?
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Just upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard. Suddenly Microsoft Office 2008 isn't seeing all 1900 of my fonts -- and some of the usual defaults are gone! What the hell happened and how can I fix it?

I did an upgrade in place, and when I open Font Book it clearly shows my 1900+ fonts, but when I go to Word and try to use things like Times New Roman and TW Cen MT, they're not available!

How do I fix this? I miss TW Cen MT, it's my favorite. :( A cursory Google search suggests there's a printer problem but I can't figure out where to find out if I have bad drivers now that I've upgraded my OS.

Office 2008 did not have this problem in 10.5.x.
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Sounds like your Office Font Cache got messed up. Try trashing the prefs and the cache and let Word rebuild it.
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Response by poster: :( That didn't work. Thank you, though, birdherder!
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From the site birdherder linked to: Office 2008 Fonts to delete after installing Snow Leopard has some more directions.
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Apple made a change to the way fonts are handled in Snow Leopard. It doesn't appear to be available from Apple anymore. Here's a download page from MacUpdate.
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I've seen this before: Apple got much stricter about OpenType compliance in 10.6.8, some fonts that skated by before (I'm looking at you Bookman) don't work reliably anymore. Thorzdad's update may work for you (I believe Apple took it down because they rolled it into 10.6.8) but you may be better off in the long run finding a proper OpenType replacement for you missing fonts.
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Response by poster: It looks like I can't use that update Thorzdad, but I also am having this problem regardless of whether or not 10.6.8 had the update rolled into it.

So this problem probably won't be mitigated by an Office 2008 reinstall? Adobe and all the other programs on my computer are successfully able to read, render and write with all my different fonts.
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You could certainly try an Office reinstall. I have Office 2008 on my SL iMac and can't recall ever having font issues like what you're describing.

Before you reinstall, though, it would be worth your while to go into FontBook and disable any/all duplicate fonts. There will be quite a few, too. In most cases, the versions installed by either Mac OS or your Adobe installs will be newer than the Office versions. I've disable almost all of my Office fonts in favor of the other versions.
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Response by poster: Alas, nothing has worked. I've cleared caches multiple times, I've consolidated all my fonts, and I've tried looking for OpenType options but the only font family I want is TW Cen MT and to get OT versions of it will run me $300 apparently. Is there a free source for OT fonts? I just want:

TW Cen MT Bold

I am now having the same issue in Office 2011 after making a last ditch effort to install it in hopes that the issue would resolve itself. What is happening here?
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Response by poster: OpenType fonts don't make a difference. :(
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