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How do you "nominate" a movie for DVD release on

A while back, I followed a link from the El Norte page on IMDB to this page. It asks you to enter your email address to be notified of the DVD release of El Norte, and informs you that by so doing you'll be "voting for this release." But for the life of me, I can't figure out how to "nominate" a movie that I'd really like to see on DVD (Ofelas, if anyone cares). Amazon-fu, anyone?
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Would that Amazon (and by extension, the denizens of the Internet) had the power to persuade studios to release their favorite obscure movie. If that could happen, I would vote for Johanna d'Arc of Mongolia.
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Well, the El Norte DVD, even though it apparently doesn't exist, has a full product page on Amazon (which you linked to), and Ofelas does not. So someone at Amazon would presumably have to make one. I guess your best bet is to write them a note and ask who at Amazon you should contact to get that done.
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To heck with writing. Most likely, it won't get read. Your best bet is to call Amazon! 800 201 7575. This also applies if you ever have a problem with an order. They don't make it easy to find the phone number.
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Ofelas (or Pathfinder, which is the more common title, at least here in Europe) is available on DVD. I saw it in a nearby video store recently, here in Norway. Of course, it being a Norwegian film, it might only be available here at this point (that's a web shop link; no info about whether it has English subtitles, though the page says it has Norwegian subs). The DVD release took several years to produce, for some reason.

From an IMDb user comment:
    The amazing Norwegian movie named "Veiviseren" from the north of Norway was Oscar nominated in 1987-88. New released in Norway, April-May 2005, in a deluxe DVD version (2 DVDs). The movie is totally digitally remastered with amazing picture and sound quality for the DVD movie fans. Also very much extra bonus material included. One of the best Norwegian DVD releases ever. The movie is now out for sale all over the Scandinavian DVD market with subtitles included, but an international DVD version is coming soon with subtitles in many different languages for both DVD region 1 and region 2. The DVD can be ordered from Norwegian and Scandinavian net shops of DVDs and many other shops in Norway and Scandinavia that selling DVD movies.

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Response by poster: Thanks all for the excellent answers! I shall call Amazon, but in the meantime, which could be a longtime, I may order a Scandinavian copy if I can find one with English subtitles that will play on an American DVD player.
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