Vinegar-garlic steamed veggies?
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Brazilian/Portuguese cooking experts, please holp me! I can't find a recipe for the amazing vegetables I had last night.

I had wonderful churrasco (Portuguese barbeque) last night on St. Clair. I expected the chicken to be as great as it was, but the veggies (brocolli, cauliflower, peas) were a revelation. They were either steamed or stir fried to a tender-crisp state and were both garlicky and tart. My husband thought the hot vegetables just had some salad dressing applied, but I am curious if there are some specific recipes out there.

We've already Googled some great recipes for the Portuguese cornbread, chickpea and cabbage soup, and, of course, the chicken, but I've had no luck with the vegetables.
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Tart, eh? I'm no expert, but I know that lemon juice used liberally in place of salt is a feature of vegetable cookery in Bahia and elsewhere in Brazil.
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I had wonderful churrasco (Portuguese barbeque) last night on St. Clair.

St. Clair, without any further designation? The canadians are taking over and I don't fucking like it.
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