Women and the Arab Spring
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I'm looking for any resources on the role women are playing in the Arab Spring. Articles, websites, essays, videos, art, statistics etc. are all greatly appreciated. Both Arabic and English would work. Thank you!
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You asked for "art" and I love this photo by Shadi Ghadirian of a defiant woman in a head scarf. Though, it predates the Arab Spring and is by an Iranian artist.
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Response by poster: Crazy, I saw that picture earlier today for the first time on a poster for Pearls on the Ocean Floor, a 2011 documentary about female Iranian artists. Wonderful, similar photos in the linked video.
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Do a search on Mona Eltahawy, who has been involved in and is a commentator on Arab Spring, particularly on women's issues. Her Twitter feed is also insightful as she consistently responds to and RTs other commentators within both the Arabic and English-speaking communities.
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