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Please recommend a healthy but not hardcore spa vacation for a stressed-out fat girl.

My stress level has been cranked up to 11 for awhile now, and I need a break from everything. Would love to get away somewhere that I can destress, eat good healthy food, move my body, and relax.

I am looking for a place that will welcome a mid-30s, female, fat (more than 60 lb. overweight) but not unhealthy, introverted woman. It doesn't have to be specifically aimed at fat folk - in fact, the Biggest Loser-type weight loss camps are specifically not what I want. Being dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn and forced to spend 8 hours a day in group exercise experiences will not do anything to help me relax and rejuvenate. But it should be friendly in a "health at any size" kind of way. I don't care if I'm the only heavy girl there as long as the skinnies aren't snooty about having me exercise with them.

I like biking, swimming, running, BodyPump, kayaking, and simple yoga. Previous experience tells me I am too clumsy for step aerobics or anything with even semi-complicated choreography. I don't golf and am not really into massage and bodywork. My skin burns crazy fast, so there should be at least as many indoor options as outdoor ones. I can't spend a lot, but would like to spend a full week away to really have time to unwind. Someplace within a day's drive of the Twin Cities or a cheap flight away would be great. Thanks!
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I would just pick a place and not worry about your weight at all. Your body type is not a minority in the US, I imagine anywhere you go there will be a mixture of fitness levels, ages and sizes among the clientele. I would consider going to a female only spa personally, because I'd find that more relaxing myself but ymmv.
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Kripalu is running specials right now. They run a relaxed yoga retreat and spa with a lot of different options for classes - I recommend it.
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