What other nerdy games would I like?
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I really, really liked the flash game 3 Slices, recently posted on the blue. I also loved Lemmings. What other flash or internet-based games would I like that I can play on my (old) laptop?

I really enjoyed the flash game 3 Slices. It was a thinking/physics game without time pressure.

I also really liked the problem-solving game Lemmings (the sega game gear version, if there are different versions).

What other games would I like that I can play on my laptop? I am not coordinated with fast-paced games and manuevering characters through worlds with my keyboard. Fighting games stress me out, and I get really lost in games in 1st person perspective.

Can you think of other games I'd like that I can play on my laptop that are internet-based, preferrably for free or for a very small price that supports a small-scale game designer/creator?

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When I first just saw "nerdy games", my mind first went to SpaceChem, a game I myself have not played, but that I've heard/read good things about. From its Steam page, it says the game is a "design-based puzzle game. Take on the role of a Reactor Engineer working for SpaceChem, the leading chemical synthesizer for frontier colonies. Construct elaborate factories to transform raw materials into valuable chemical products!" So other than the initial download, no internet connection is required (that I know of, not sure if that was a requirement), most likely has very low system specs, and you can buy it directly from the dev for $10.

The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is Q.U.B.E. I know you say you get lost in 1st person games, but, this game isn't your traditional FPS or anything like that. It's a puzzle game through and through that just happens to take place in 1st person (think Portal, but, it's not Portal). GiantBomb's quick look at the game sold me on it, and I'm really enjoying it. From my hour or two with it, it should be able to run on most older systems, and doesn't require a lot of fast-pacedness or quick maneuvers.

Good luck!
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Sorry, forgot a link to Q.U.B.E. Here's its main page, and it's also available on Steam.
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Red Remover is kind of similar to 3 Slices. I think the same person made those two.

Symphony is different but worth a try.
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Desktop Tower Defense or any of the other tower defense type games?
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Crayon Physics! If you don't want to download it, this flash game is a reasonable approximation.

I highly recommend Auditorium. The flash demo will last you quite a while, and has the puzzle/physics elements you're looking for.

Are you interested in problem-solving games that are more abstract? There's lots of these around of high quality - 3D Logic (and its sequel) for starters.
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Anything from Amanita Design. Machinarium is a work of art.
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Thank you! I've been playing Red Remover and really enjoying it! I'll enjoy checking out everyone's suggestions. (and Red Remover--man, par mode is tough!)
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