Transferring Files From Ipod Touch
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Can I transfer music files from an Ipod Touch over to a Sandisk MP3 Player? Thanks in advance.
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What other equipment do you have? A computer? Cables that will hook each device to the computer? Are the Touch files backed up somewhere?
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So long as the files are mp3s, and you may need to use a program to get the files off the iPod. Look up iPod to PC programs online, CNet is a good place to go first.
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You would want to transfer them to your PC first and then to the Sandisk. Here is a helpful article:
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I recently needed to get some files off my iPod Touch onto my PC. The process on Lifehacker wouldn't have worked for me, because my iTouch (the latest model, with iOS5) did not show up in the Control Panel (Windows 7). (iTunes did the syncing thing automatically, which prevented me from accessing the file.)

Instead I used a program called SharePod, which worked very well.
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