Truck bells?
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What's the deal with these bell-like things on the bumper of this van?

I saw these funny conical bells on the front bumper of a utility van in my neighborhood--I don't remember if the van was from Comcast or NStar or what. My guess is that they're supposed to make noise when the van runs into something, to help with parking. Is that what they're for? And are these a common, off-the-shelf product, or a DIY solution?
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I believe they are anti-static devices.
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Anti-static devices are usually a length of chain (preferably bronze to reduce the potential for sparks) hanging from the vehicle in contact with the road.

I think the objects in question are an air sampling device to check for gas leaks as the NStar van drives around town.
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Bells to scare away deer?
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Best answer: They're sniffers to check for gas leaks. Scroll down here.
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