stylist with "curly scissors" in Southern New Jersey
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Help me find a replacement hair stylist with "curly scissors" in Southern New Jersey.

I'm someone for whom getting a haircut was always unaccountably stressful... until I found my One True Stylist this past summer. Traumatized no more!

...except then he died.

I'm getting way too shaggy and overdue for a haircut, but I need (ok, would like) someone who can cut slightly wavy, unprocessed hair in a way that it can be worn in a tousled, curly mess with minimal effort. My guy would take single wet strands, and cut them at an angle, using the shears as one would a straight razor. The hair just seemed to want to curl up by itself. Magic!

Who else can do this for me? I get the feeling this is not part of the base skill set of your usual stylist. I've been going to a salon in Moorestown, but anyone within the area (or even in Philly, if it comes to that) would be doable once every 6 weeks or so.
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Search for someone Ouidad or Deva (or Devachan) trained. You can look on the salon finder on and work from there, too.
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Seconding a Deva-trained stylist. They have a website now where you can search for trained stylists in your area. I live in mid-Missouri and there are a number of them here, so I'm sure you'll have no problem.
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Response by poster: Hmm. Just making sure: my hair is not curly when left on its own, it's just... limp. Regardless, someone who can think without having to hold on to a flatiron would definitely help. I'll try that avenue, thanks!
posted by tigrrrlily at 6:22 PM on January 20, 2012 also has a link for salons that do curly hair.
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Wherever you end up, tell the stylist that you want lots of texture. That's been a good code word for me to get a haircut that accentuates my wavy hair.
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