Open phone cover for a Galaxy s2 Herculese T989
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My ebay-jitsu is failing me. I am looking for 2 separate covers for a Samsung Galaxy S2 (Hercules T989). Can you find this one and this one on ebay or Amazon? These are covers with the bottom part open.
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I believe it's this case by Incipio, but it's a bit hard to tell since there's no picture of the bottom with it cut open. They have a live chat on their website where they should be able to tell you if the bottom part is open or not.
posted by QueenHawkeye at 5:06 AM on January 20, 2012

There is a video here, which indicates that the Incipio case suggested by QueenHawkeye is open on the bottom, as shown in the photos in the original question.

If it is not absolutely necessary that the bottom be completely open, then I would suggest looking at the Case-Mate Barely There case, assuming that they have it for the T989 variant of the phone. On my SGS2 the bottom is partially protected (about half-depth) and has cut-outs around the USB connector (full-depth) and microphone (about 3/4-depth).
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