Self-hosted Tumblr?
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Is there a CMS that works much like Tumblr that I can install on my own server space?

What I liked about Tumblr was its ease of posting different types of media, allowing for a variety of post types. What I didn't like was its toxic environment and drama, and I eventually left.

I miss the functionality, and would like to recreate it in my own space. I liked how Tumblr automatically added the links to the content and how it made it easy to upload media on the New Post page itself. I'm not too worried about ask/reblog/like at this time.

I hate Wordpress with a passion, greatly prefer Textpattern though am not sure how to get that to work like Tumblr. I'm open to other CMSes.
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Hate it though you may, WordPress with a couple of plugins is probably going to provide the easiest and most well-supported solution to this particular problem. Depending on what you hate about it, there are probably plugins to fix that.

Alternately, there's this which I have no experience with at all, but claims to be a Tumblr clone.

Or you might be able to get something like this to function similarly on TextPattern.
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If what you hate about WordPress is the back end, Cinch turns your back end into a Tumblr dashboard. Here are 19 more Tumblr themes for the front end.
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Chyrp has been through some upheaval (as a project), but is built to do exactly this - custom post types, simple backend, etc.
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Response by poster: I'm afraid there's no plugin available for crappy tech support (I used to be on and any attempt at suggesting a new idea got you an angry response from Matt saying "Get your own server"). Also I've noticed from past experience that WP's not so great with embedding video.
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I've seen others do this with Textpattern though your needs regarding the admin workflow (uploading within a post) aren't available that I know of. However, adding custom fields is a cinch, and pasting embed code from e.g. Youtube is a cinch.

What is your technical skill level? Comfortable creating your own markup? Comfortable with basic PHP If so, that puts other software (that does upload right within the post) within reach.
posted by circular at 3:56 PM on January 19, 2012 may suck, but a wordpress install on your own server is very different. But you won't know that till you give it a go. Grab some cheap hosting with auto install and you'll be on your way in minutes.

There are heaps of Tumblr style wordpress themes out there - here's a few (via 15sec of googling).
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I don't really have a recommendation(we'll get to that), but some advice: If you do find an app built around this concept, check very carefully into how it's been doing when determining if you want to commit. There were a lot of these around a certain period, and all the ones I knew of are dead or long-stagnant.

Gelato has been at 0.95(current download) since mid-2009, and the discussion list is...less than active.

Chyrp is getting some attention at the moment and is likely your best bet, but the developer's serial mis/management, abandonment, resurrecting, rearchitecting, etc of the project ran a lot of people off and made them stay away.
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What I didn't like was its toxic environment and drama

I would stick with tumblr CMS, and use your own domain, but just dial down the social features, both at the tumblr dashboard, and in your template.
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Maybe SquareSpace? Not sure how Tumblr like it is, but I've heard good things.
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Response by poster: Wordpress self-installed is just as annoying and crappy, and it's the same people for tech support. I'm looking for something that will inspire me to post and I can pretty much guarantee WP won't do it.

roofus: you can't really dial down the social features as such; there's no "opt out" button (except for the ask feature). People will reblog you anyway, there are folks who follow searches for certain words/terms, and the sort of stuff I write about tends to have the most drama-filled communities.

I did look at Chyrp, but for some reason their demo won't let me access the admin side of things (or the link wasn't clear)...
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Response by poster: circular: not terribly confident with coding myself, but my boyfriend is a web developer so I could ask him.

I'm not as concerned about the themes looking Tumblr-like, I'm more after the quick multi-type microblog functionality. (I was using Posterous for a while but it seemed too buggy for my liking).
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With Posterous' likely imminent demise, I am poking around a bit. Divabat, did you ever find a good solution?
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Response by poster: No, not really!
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