Looking For Performance Space in Los Angeles
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Looking for 150-250 seat venue in Los Angeles

I am producing a TEDx event here on May 26 and am looking for a 150-250 seat venue. Ideally it would wired for lighting and sound and have a dropscreen for projection. A second room or large foyer for reception would be ideal.

Venice, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Downtown and Pasadena would work along with all points in between.
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Any other parameters? I'm thinking of everything from the Hilton to The El Rey Theater.
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Response by poster: I thought of El Rey also. I am going to raise funds for this so it cannot be too expensive. I've thought of women's clubs, small theatres and otherwise.
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Best answer: bootleg theatre in silverlake does 225. (link)
this thread reminds me that i still need to send you an email...
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Best answer: I've been to private events at the Hwang Theater in Little Tokyo. I think it seats around 250.

They have a nice courtyard out front for a pre-event gathering.
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As raihan_ noted, The Bootleg is very very nice and has a bar as well as the theatre. Very squeamish people might consider it to be in a "bad neighborhood," but it's fine, especially when an event is going on.
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Best answer: I think the Yahoo center in SM has a venue that can seat 400 or so. If you know someone who work in or around the facility, I feel like you could talk you way in to getting it. I think they call it the "all-hands" room or something like that.

The promenade has 3 movie theaters (none of which are terribly nice) if you could get a stage in to one of them, that might be an idea.

There is a room in the Fairmont Miramar Hotel that I saw seat 700.

I think there is a theater on 2nd St. near the promenade that might be able to swing something like that.

I have seen 200-ish in the Milken Institute on 4th St.

I am sure Santa Monica College has something of that ilk as well.

Those are all in Santa Monica.

I can think of just as many for Pasadena... Where do you want to hold it? Can I come?
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Best answer: The Downtown Independent has the right capacity and has a nice rooftop space for receptions/after-parties.
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Response by poster: All great gang!
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