What was this song called?
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Name this 80s pop-country song!

I'm trying to find a song that my gf and I heard played on a jukebox in Milltown, MT. The song was a mid-tempo 80s country song, sung by a lady. There was a good guitar solo, solid state distortion, a little chorus, that sounded a bit out of place in the context of the song- more rock and roll than one would expect. The song reminded us of 7-Year Ache by Rosanne Cash. The song also sounded sad... probably a break up song...
Definitely 80s, on account of the drum production and guitar tone.

Trying to find the song is driving us nuts, we even called the bar to ask. Shot in the dark here.
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...any chance you remember a spare word or two? maybe enough of the meter/beat to transcribe?
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Response by poster: The tempo was close to 7 year ache, so around ~120. The mix was less 'wet' and the solo was electric guitar, not a slide. We try to sing it and end up with the 'what else this old heart can take" line. There was a line about saturday night (maybe), and possible a lyrical conceit about the days of the week. I think the singer might have been less poppy and more traditional, there wasn't a big string or synth part, it was mostly the band.
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Response by poster: the beat was straight, no shuffle. The licks/solos and whatnot were less twangy and a little more rock than country.
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Except for Monday by Lorrie Morgan? Check her oeuvre in general; she is who popped into my head from your description.
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What first jumps to my mind is Juice Newton's Queen of Hearts

Admittedly, I'm at work and can't listen to it at the moment so my memory may be playing tricks with me...
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Mid-80s countryish rock fronted by a woman makes me think of Lone Justice.
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The other artist I would look at might be Patty Loveless.

"see what else this old heart can take" is from Seven-year Ache.
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I'm definitely getting a Juice Newton vibe, too. Could it be "Love's Been a Little Bit Hard On Me"?
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Response by poster: The sound is closer to the Lone Justice track than Queen of Hearts, but w/o keyboards.

not that girl: yeah, we just can't get 7 year ache out of our heads now, and we keep singing those lyrics while trying to remember the song.

Definitely the era of Juice Newton, but she's a bit more pop and this song was more traditional.
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Very wild guess: Baby Please Don't Go by Karla Bonoff?
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The Judds?
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I know nothing about these musical things like meter that you're referencing, but here are some ladies/hit songs of that era whose Youtube "related" videos might help you (and possibly not Reba, Dolly, or the Judds?) It's probably a song post 85-86 (86 was a phenomenal year for country music, and the year the sound really changed) so looking through the top hits of 85-88 might help you... anyway here's some possible choices:

Sweethearts of the Rodeo: (i.e. Midnight Girl in a Sunset Town)

Deborah Allen: Baby I Lied

Shelly West: Jose Cuervo

Sylvia: Your Nobody Called Today

Bailey and the Boys

Highway 101

Barbara Mandrell: Sleeping single in a double bed

The Goddess Tanya Tucker: (i.e. Jamestown Ferry)

Also try Suzy Bogguss (Someday Soon)
Perchance Kathy Mattea, Roseanne Chase (Never Be You), or Pam Tillis ...maybe even Lorrie Morgan?

A tad early, but Terry Gibbs: Somebody's Knocking

And since you were in Montana, it might just have been Meet Me in Montana by Marie Osmond and Dan Seals.
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Possibly K T Oslin Come Next Monday
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It's not 80s, but it's definitely got the vibe you describe, try Gwyneth Paltrow.

Also, my first thought was Tanita Tikaram, but I can't imagine how any of her stuff could wind up on a jukebox in Montana.
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Only When I Love by Holly Dunn?
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