Help me bring the ocean into my home :)
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I'm really enjoying winding down to O-Shen - Salt Water Anthem, and am hoping to find other chilled out, dreamy, evocative ocean-themed music for the times I can't be in the sea :)

I'm especially keen on things in languages other than English, if there are vocals, and I'm really liking the chant and and tropical sounds in this one but I'm open to suggestions (the rest of O-Shen's stuff doesn't really fit to what I'm looking for) - basically I want to put together a beautiful chilled out ocean-themed playlist to listen to in the evenings while I daydream about diving :)
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The soundtrack to The Big Blue by Eric Serra? There used to be a Volume 1 also, but it might be out of print.
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Yello - To The Sea
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The album "Ocean Songs" by Dirty Three.
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