Save my rear!
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Find me a pair a commuter jeans. "Snowflakiness:" I am a woman.

I have a male friend with a pair of these jeans. After busting the butt/crotch out of two pairs of otherwise well fitting Gap (Always kinny and another fit) jeans, I am envious. Are there any bicycling commuterer jeans for women that I could get instead? I am petite, so length is an issue and am otherwise built like a teenage boy with about zero hips.

If nothing else, I would really appreciate a reinforced rear so I don't have to buy new jeans every 6 months.
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If you are built like a boy, what's stopping you from buy those Levi's? Seriously question, not snark!
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Response by poster: Fair question: though I have the hips of a young man, I am still smaller than man jeans warrant..I think...
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Have you considered buying a pair of jeans that fit you, and preemptively reinforcing the butt and crotch?
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Levi's has petite/short sizes (I have several pairs of these). Look closely, there are jeans like that from Levi's if you check the site and maybe buy a size up or whatever.
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Best answer: I am a woman with those jeans. I'm not short, but the point of these jeans is that they're supposed to be rolled up. They have a reflector strip sewn down the side (inside) so that you can roll the cuffs as one usually does so that their jeans don't get caught on the chain.

Basically, try on a bunch of pairs in whatever waist size you are, and get the shortest length you can find, then roll up the cuffs.

You might also want to try Swrve clothing, but no one's really marketing casual cycling clothes for women.
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Best answer: Levi's Commuter Jeans are pretty much all I wear now, seriously.
I destroy jeans and have spent a lot of time energy and frustration on this very topic, a friend accidentally directed me at these jeans by showing me the commuter jacket. I hemmed hauded then decided to just buy the effin jeans and try them out, I had to order them online. I was extremely nervous about the fit. I used to wear 511s until the discontinued the colors i liked and changed the cut a bit.

These are the best jeans I've owned. ever.

The cut of these is different then the other 511's theres more thigh and hip room, for a small framed lady they are perfect. I have had guy friends of mine and read reviews that they are cut a bit small for male cyclists legs.

loriginedumonde is right though. Just cuff them or hem them if they are a bit too long.

seriously, unless you are an extremely hippy lady these will probably work for you.
do not however... think that non-commuter 511s will fit you.. they are shaped much differently.
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you could consider buying the shorts version and wearing them as capris.
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Outlier Women's Daily Riding Pant

Not jeans, but better. I am a boy, but I love Outlier and have lots of their stuff. Super high build quality. Made for cycling, city living, and straight up looking good.

Outlier clothes are kind of hard to get sometimes, if they don't have your size now just be patient and subscribe to the newsletter, they'll do a redesign and restock eventually.
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If the Levi's don't work for you, try nau. If you're slim through the hips/thighs, their cut is made for you. They also make extremely durable clothing with a pretty good guarantee.
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Response by poster: I bought the 511's and am awaiting their arrival. Thanks ya'll!
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do you like them?
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, the size equivalent did not fit and when I went back to the store they did not have the next size down. I do not think even that would have worked though since men's jeans are just too big in the wrong areas (read: crotch) and I don't like that look. Sigh.
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