Vintage Trapper Keeper search!
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Where can I find a vintage trapper keeper as a fun gift for a guy? The pickings on eBay are surprisingly slim. Any shop in your neighborhood have one? Would love some tips and contact info...

It should be from the 80s, not 90s (he wouldn't recognize those characters and the 90s "designer themes" are lame). Probably superhero, science, or star wars themed, or a solid color. It's a gift for someone who's starting grad school, I already found two Star Wars folders to go inside. Maybe there's a shop in your neighborhood that's likely to have one? I'm in Brooklyn but happy to have it shipped from wherever in the US.
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I've been looking for a decent Lisa Frank unicorn trapper keeper for years. Frankly, I'm not sure they're out there--as you might remember, they were the sort of items that were pretty badly abused during the school year so they are likely to just not have survived very long.
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There's one on Etsy right now.
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I was thinking Etsy would be a hotbed for these, but weirdly they only have one and it happens to be one I had as a kid. Apologies for the chatfilter post.
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I haven't checked - but Goodwill also has an auction website. You might try that.
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Not a trapper keeper, but I found a bunch of folders on Etsy that might do the trick:
little mermaid

if you want more, the key was searching "school folder" in vintage.
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