What happens to the Costa Concordia?
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The Costa Concordia; what happens next? How will the ship be removed? Rescue efforts were suspended indefinitely on Monday after the stricken cruise liner slipped on its rocky resting place and settled farther into the water, according to the firefighters heading the operation... Mr. Foschi also said the vessel was carrying 2,300 tons of fuel but there were no signs of leakage so far.
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Best answer: Wired article on ship salvage
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This situation reminds me of the SS Normandie which was eventually salvaged (at great expense) but then scraped. Given no fire on the Costa Concordia, the scenario as described by Burhanistan will probably occur.
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The Italian news articles I've been reading suggest that a) search and rescue efforts resumed this morning and will continue until further notice (but will be suspended at night, I assume now the chance of finding survivors alive is less than the chance of rescuers getting hurt in the dark) and b) that there are already plans being developed to lift up the vessel via balloons and float it to port (?) for dismantling and also c) there is great concern over potential fuel leakage.
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Best answer: A similar question was asked two days ago: can the Costa Concordia be refloated? Might have some useful ideas for you.
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Pump out the fuel and other toxics; seal the hole; start pumping out and try to right the ship (the trickiest part); tow it to salvage.
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Well, one thing that probably can't happen is a salvage barge, the way that the USS Cole was brought home. The largest such semi-submersible ship is the Gavea Lifter and its deck is too short for the Concordia. On the other hand, the Concordia was built in Genoa, so it's a short 120 nm or so from the drydock where it will likely be rebuilt. The interior will need to be gutted, and I expect it will be given a new name, as well, since passengers won't be keen to reboard a jinxed ship.

Of course, legal proceedings may determine the outcome one way or another. If the Captain was indeed negligent, for instance, the insurance might have some payout limitations.
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plans being developed to lift up the vessel via balloons and float it to port (?)

[citation needed]
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Full-page graphic on the various salvage strategies (available, not necessarily officially discussed).
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