Repeating events in GCal
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Google Calendar: possible to repeat an event every 5 days?

How, in GCal, can I set it up to repeat an event every 5 days? (or every 87 get the idea).
Sorry, don't know the correct terminology for this.
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Set "Repeats" to "Daily" and "Repeat every" to 5.

This only goes up to 30 so it does not work for 87.
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Create an event by clicking on "create" on the left above the mini calendar.

Select the "repeat" check box.

Change the "Repeats" drop down from weekly to daily.

Change the "Repeats every..." drop down to the # of days between repeats.

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Thank you both.
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I would like to note for people who may find this later that if you have an Android phone you can view these appointments in your calendar app, but not create them or edit them. Options for repeating on the phone calendar are daily, weekly, monthly, every weekday, every weekend, but not custom.

So if you're trying to do this on the phone you need to enter the appointment from the web interface first, then it will appear/sync on your phone.
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