Avocado Baby?
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Help me track down this weird Australian folk band! They were called Avocado Baby, and had a really great song about aliens. Their record came out in the early 90s I think. Any idea where to find mp3s or vinyl would be much appreciated!
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They were on Slampt (or Slampt Underground) . I think you might be able to find one of the record label people, such as Pete Dale, if you spend enough time googling around- he seems to still be based in the NE of England.
Also Lauren Laverne is pretty prolific on twitter and might have a sense of how to find some of these people.
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I don't know how current the Slampt Myspace page is, but:
"We still have some product left, if you want any of it it is £2 for a 7" or 3 for £5 or 5 for £7, £5 for an LP or CD or 3 for £12, these prices include postage and packing but add £1 per item for postage abroad, cash should be well-concealed in the envelope or for increased safety send cheques to P.Dale, 24 Kyle Road, Bensham, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 2YE, enquiries to daleski@hotmail.co.uk We have:... v/a "Seven Unlucky Sevens" CD (featuring Pussycat Trash, Yummy Fur, Avocado Baby, Missy X, Golden Starlet)...."
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Discogs is always my first port of call for this sort of query... seems to be a couple of records available.

Just on the off chance you're not aware of this, be sure to check the condition if you're buying vinyl. You probably know this anyway but I was caught out when I first bought something from a seller on Discogs and didn't realise that 'very good condition' actually means 'not very good condition'.
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Thanks for the info guys! LP ordered!
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