Where can I buy organic tobacco in Vancouver?
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Is there a shop in Vancouver, BC that will sell me organic tobacco for cigarettes?

For the slider style roll your own machine. Ideally something grown and cured locally, but really just organic would be great.
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Best answer: My roommate and I used to go up to a cigar shop somewhere either on Cambie or Oak a couple of years ago. I forget exactly where, she always drove. It was across from Oak Ridge Mall. They had decent organic tobacco that had a nice vanilla taste to it, though I remember it being fairly pricey.
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also - recently someone told me about a smoke shop in the Granville Island market, supposedly they carry American Spirit and (presumably) other organic tobacco. I haven't investigated that yet, but if you find it please let me know.
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Response by poster: Thanks mannequito, I'll check both places out.
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I don't know if they carry it or not, but if you strike out at the other places id try the cigar shop not far from the corner of Oak and I think 6th. It's not on Oak, but just around the corner from where Oak ends not far from Granville island. Sorry for not being more clear, it's been a couple years since I've been in the area.
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NorthShore/NorthField, is the 'Canadian version' of American Spirits. It's rather hard to find currently since the local distributor in Vancouver insists on larger volumes than most convenience stores care to hold in stock. I know London Drugs doesn't stock it, haven't checked Shoppers yet.

(They're really tasty, burns long, and is even smoother than American Spirits albeit it's been a while since I've had fresh Americans for a proper comparison.)

I know the "corner store" next to the FreshSlice in the UBC Village carries packs of pre-rolled filter cigarettes. I don't know if they have a loose leaf option.
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