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I stupidly left my European CEE 7/* power strip back in the U.S.  How could I buy a CEE 7/* power strip in St. Andrews or Edinburgh, Scotland?

I happily mostly avoided purchasing any equipment that used British plugs while living in England because frankly they're really horribly designed, especially for mobile equipment.

I've every plug type and adapter for my critical mobile equipment of course, but various desk toys like powered hubs, long mac cables, etc. all require CEE 7/* style plugs.

I'll surely visit the continent within a couple months anyways, but acquiring a European style power strip sooner might help. Any ideas who might sell them around Edinburgh?
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Best answer: You should be able to find a vendor on who will ship to the UK. The term you want is "Mehrfachsteckdose"
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Response by poster: I suppose that's the easiest solution. If anyone knows a local shop let me know, but whatever.
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Isn't that the kind of thing that Radioshack would sell.. do they have those in Scotland?
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I was going to say that RadioShack has no international locations, but lo and behold they do.

None in the UK, though.
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I would suggest Argos. You can search online for items and use the store finder to find your closest store.
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There are certainly restrictions on selling electrical items which don't have BS1363 plugs on in the UK, so I suspect that it wouldn't be legal for a UK retailer to sell one to you. Go for the option, I'd say.
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The closest thing the UK has to Radioshack is Maplin - there is of course an Edinburgh branch. I'd be surprised if Maplin didn't have what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Interesting point ambrosen. I'd agree that selling an American NEMA 5* plugs could/should reasonably be outlawed in the U.K. I've consciously never brought a NEMA powerstrip into Europe because I'd fear starting a damn fire. CEE 7/7 plugs are however rated for the same voltage and amperage as BS 1363 plugs. And Iv'e never seen any argument that they're any less safe than ridiculous BS 1363 plugs. Argos actually lists a CEE 7/7 power cord for 20 gbp, but no powerstrip.
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