Tomorrow in Chicago!
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Ready? Top two things my wife and I can do in Chicago tomorrow...GO!

Only list two. We're arriving at 8:00 am (crossing our fingers and doing a snow dance).
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Go to the Field Museum! And eat something delicious and unhealthy.
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1) Have a spicy dipped combo at Johnny's Beef.
2) Have another one.
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1) Have a spicy dipped combo at Johnny's Beef.

Unless I'm both really out of touch and google is lying to me, this place isn't even in Chicago.
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Light on the hints, huh? This is tough because my "Oh, you want to see the Big Chicago Things" list and my "Oh, you want a neighborhood Chicago experience" list are very different and I don't know which way you tend toward.

(1) Art Institute of Chicago. (If you like art.) I live here and I still try to go once a month or so.

(2) Go see Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, or an improv show on the North Side.

For the love of God, please check Yelp and keep a couple of restaurants in mind, too. This city has SO MUCH GOOD FOOD (and beer), it's all I can do not to spend all my hard-earned moneys on it.
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I'm with aintthattheway -- give us just a few details. Like..

How long are you staying (just the day, or overnight, and if overnight, where are you staying?)

Downtown I assume? Renting a car? (Don't!)

From O'Hare or Midway? Or Amtrak?

Pub crawlers, science museum types or what ?

Work with us here!
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From 6:30-8:00 PM?
Shame That Tune @ The Hideout.
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Field Museum. Museum of Science and Industry.
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Response by poster: Okay. Here is some help. We'll be checking into the hotel near Loyola in the morning (say, 8:45 - 9:00 am) and then departing for your recommended destinations.

We'll be meeting my sister back at Loyola around 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm and she has the rest of the weekend pretty much put together.
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Go to one of the museums and Quartino for lunch. I doubt you'll have time to hit two museums (or events) in the available timeframe.
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If you're going to be that far north anyway, go get duck at Sun Wah.

It's likely going to be really cold and unpleasant-for-walking out tomorrow, so if I were you I'd stick to a museum. Maybe stand and look at the lake for a's pretty awesome when it freezes, but it still may be too early for that. If libraries are your thing, the Harold Washington Library Center at State and Van Buren is pretty cool. Go up to the 9th floor and look at how snowy the city is. If you need to traipse around the Loop at all (for instance, when taking the train/hopping a Red Line out to Loyola), you might want to opt for exploring the pedway instead of braving the sidewalks.

Have fun! Chicago is awesome, even when the weather isn't especially cooperative. Make sure you bring a camera to capture those rare moments when your eyelashes freeze together!
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Ice skate in millenium park and take photos at the bean!
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See the Bean and go to the Art Institute.
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Best answer: go to the MCA!
and have cocktails at the bar in the Hancock tower and look out over the city.
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kylej's Ice Skating and bean photo shoot is a good suggestion.

A closer option is the Lincoln Park Zoo. It will be cold and blustery tomorrow, so warm up at the Conservatory right next door. The Conservatory is a fabulous Victorian glass housed botanical gardens with exotic plants from around the world. Both of these are free.

There's also the Peggy Notebaeart nature museum one block north, which charges admission.
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Loyola in Evanston, or Loyola's downtown campus?

Either way, during the daytime, I'd suggest the Chicago History Museum.
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If you like comedy, Second City is usually pretty good. If you're into theater, check out Steppenwolf or the Chicago Shakespeare Theater (the latter of which will give you the bonus of seeing the very touristy Navy Pier).
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Go eat in Chinatown! There are two of them, but the one I went to was on Argyle.
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> Loyola in Evanston, or Loyola's downtown campus?

The one in Evanston is in Roger's Park, I think.
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