Need a store in NYC with a lot of small pocket mirrors on display
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I have an idea that involves a lot of small (pocket) mirrors. So I want to go to a store that ideally has a lot of pocket mirrors of different sizes (shapes are not that important) on display, and play around with them before buying. Then after I find what I need, I'll buy a few. Problem is, I don't want to buy before browsing. Does anyone know of such store in NYC?
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This is out of left field but..

I have a few hundred highly polished 5" round mirrors with 1" holes in the middle. They are platters from old hard drives. You can buy old hard drives for about $5 each on EBay and with a few simple tools, remove the platters. As a bonus, hard drives contain a set of extremely powerful rare earth magnets. Me-mail if you have any questions.
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Magic shop?
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Dollar store?
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ricky's maybe?
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What about that wholesale district over in the upper 20's and 30's between about 5th and 8th Avenues? I bet you could find a store that sold a bunch of different kinds of hand mirrors.

How many would you be buying, when you made your decision?
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Best answer: Also, Canal Plastics? Or a glass store?
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Response by poster: Thanks all. If somebody knows an exact store that has it, it would be greatly appreciated. I've spent a few weekends walking around everywhere in chinatown, and other places, but haven't found something like this :( At best, they have 1-2 pocket mirrors, and that's it - no real selection.

The hard drives solution sounds interesting, and I will keep it in mind - but if there's a store that has it, that would be better.

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A craft store, like Michael's, should have variously sized mirrors.
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Best answer: Canal Plastics, on canal and spring(?). They have an assortment of small mirrors cut into various sizes and shapes. Caveat: I'm be sure if these mirrors are real mirrors or silvered acrylic mirrors. I think it's the former but I can't quite remember. Call them!
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Pearl River has some, but they are kind of embellished:
Or the Mandala Tibetan store.

Personally, I'd hit a few dollar stores.
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Response by poster: Thanks all - Canal Plastics had exactly what I needed!
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