Weird Effect with OJ?
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Pardon me for an entirely disgusting question about orange juice ...

Tastes great going down. Wonderful when it's cold in the heat. But I very often find my stool quite loose after it for the day -- diarrhea, to some extent, but without cramps. What the heck could be causing that? The Vitamin C? Am I the only one who experiences this? Google-fu didn't yield much at all.
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Your Google-fu is weak.

How much are you drinking, though? A glass or two a day really shouldn't be a problem, but if you tend to down a whole carton in one sitting like me, I can understand.
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Another view.
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Nothing disgusting about it, or even the least shocking. Potential health problems are something to take seriously.
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don't drink it if you have just drank milk/yoghurt etc.
it also mixes badly with beer for some people, it must be the acidic part. as others have said, don't drink too much,
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I'd go with a combination of factors including the Vitamin C and the acidity. Try cutting it with water or seltzer if you want to drink a lot of it at once.
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I think you've already got your answer, but wanted to say that if your orange juice is not completely fresh, your poo problems may be caused by mild bacteria.
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