Baseball and the internet, friends forever?
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BaseFi: I'm a lifelong baseball fan and, hey, I can use this here intarwebbie thing. These two great tastes should taste great together, so where are the best baseball sites?

The difficult part of all this is that I'm not particularly interested in MLB day-to-day operations. (A strike-disgruntled, steroid-hating, sell-out-repelled fan)

I enjoy minor league and amateur teams. I like baseball statistics and 'baseball roadtrips'. I enjoy baseball books and movies. I dig playing it too.

Unfortunately, MLB has infested the Googs to such a point that I cannot find a good site for discussion that isn't a rabid "NOMAHHHHH" or "Tig3rZ suXXX0Rz!" wasteland.

Oh, mighty Filters of the Meta, I beseech thee!
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Fan blogs are slowly taking over the day-to-day discussions of the game from the media giants. Here in Minnesota, I start at Twins Territory and go from there. That site links to a whole host of blogs about the Twins, which in turn, link to other blogs about other baseball teams (major and minor league).

Also, for baseball books, be sure to check out Mudville Magazine
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Hardball Times (general)
Sabernomics ("economic thinking about baseball"; a bit Braves-centric)
All-Baseball (general)
Baseball Prospectus (general)

For good individual team fanblogs, click the appropriate logo on the Black Table's Baseball Preview.
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Baseball Zeitgeist is a cool fan blog about the Red Sox and New England minor league ball.
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Oh, and Baseball DIY.
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There's USS Mariner (fan) for Mariners stuff.
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Baseball Think Factory is a great all around site for baseball discussion and articles. They have a blog, Baseball Primer, that post links to and comment on the latest MLB news. Definitely worth checking out daily.
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There's also a site called SportsFilter that does a pretty good job of keeping the discussion civil and informed.
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For the obsessive-compulsive baseball statistics fan, there's none better than Baseball Reference.
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For Dodger Fans, Dodger Thoughts is a godsend. Jon Weisman may be the only sane man in Los Angeles covering the Dodgers. The commentary is usually pretty sound as well.

For the broader view of baseball, major and minor, analysis and story telling, the Baseball Analysts is a pretty good one stop shop.

And, if I may give a small plug, Sportsfilter. Its like MeFi. With Balls.
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What lilnemo said. With Balls.

Seriously, SpoFi is good for all "interllectural" sports discussion.
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Baseball Primer is one of the best, I certainly second that. Can't Stop the Bleeding is my favourite baseball blog, it's very well-written, updated regularly and finds some good links.

Other than those, Baseball Toaster has some excellent individual sites on its roster. I follow various "fan" blogs - they're better written and a lot more engaging than a lot of the professional stuff out there. Blue Jays site Batters Box is great, Giants site Only Baseball Matters is good. I live in NYC, so I love Bronx Banter , Mets Geek, and Yanksfan v Soxfan .
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Hardball Times seconded.
Sons of Sam Horn is a Red Sox fan board; it's pretty much the king of the baseball fan boards. Very high signal-to-noise ratio; very well-informed posters. A great read, even if you don't follow the Sox Rouge. Myself, I've been known to loiter aboutt The Crane Pool Forum.
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At The Yard is a decent web site/magazine dedicated to the minors. They have some player blogs there (some more active than others), and a radio show/blog.
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Retrosheet is stat heaven: boxscores of every game ever played!
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Not to toot my own horn, but I know a little something about this. However, checking out the links above, it would seem that my fellow MeFites have excellent taste.

For my money, the best baseball places on the net are:

Baseball Prospectus
Baseball America
Baseball HQ
Baseball Primer (now "Think Factory" i think).
Minor League Baseball dot Com

Now, if you have a specific team rooting interest, there are other sites worth mentioning as well.

Looking forward to the Marlins-Angels World Series...
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Rob Neyer has some non-ESPN-stuff at Pretty good, IMO.
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned the obvious -

They not only have all of the "official" news, but also a very cool Flash ap that allows you to follow any game in almost-real time (it tends to be a few seconds behind). You not only get the box score, but a diagram of the diamond showing each position player, as well as runners on base and where the hits were. You also get to see a diagram of the batter and the position of each pitch during an at-bat. You can hover over any player and get in-game stats, and there's a roster on the left that links to the player's page. Particularly cool for following out-of-market games. Best of all, it's free.

On the same site, you can also sign up for, where for a fee ($15 for the season) you can listen to any game, and even choose your broadcaster, so if you're a fan of the visiting team, you can listen to their play-by-play instead. For an extra fee, you can also sign up for, where you can actually watch any game on your computer.
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Also, for fans of another pro league, Japanese Professional Baseball.
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I third SportsFilter. Something for everyone. Not just baseball.
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There is a great collection of blogs for different teams off a site called SportsBlog Nation. The Cardinals blog is called Viva El Birdos, which seems like a strange title but the commentary is pretty good. All of their blogs have diaries which is nice.
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