Learning from different ideas on eels.
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Funny Cross-Cultural / Difference Skits? How to teach people about leveraging difference.

I'm working on a school project, and I'm trying to look for examples from movies and TV of people of different backgrounds and/or functions miscommunicating in a funny way. For example, the HSBC "Eels" commercial is perfect--the American keeps cleaning his plate because that's the sign of a good guest and the Chinese keep feeding him eels because that's the sign of a good host.

I'm looking for cross-cultural examples (like the Eels, any cultures are good), cross-gender examples, and cross-functional examples--like business people miscommunicating with engineers, etc. Funny would be great! In class, we'll lead a discussion on strategies about how to fix these communication challenges and create value from these different perspectives.

I acknowledge that these will all be based on stereotypes of these groups and we'll address that aspect as well.

Thank you!
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Que hora es might fit what you're looking for...
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