What is this hypnotic dance/track?
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What is the name of this dance/trance song I heard only once?

It's a slow groove, trance in feel. A woman is singing. She's repeating lyrics that go something like this (paraphrased from weak memory): "The sun comes at the day, the moon comes out at the night". I think the specific lyrics are about the sun chasing the moon chasing the sun chasing the moon, etc etc.

It was not in movie or performance, but a random number in a club a few years ago.

Any ideas?
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Probably not this, but just might be (doesn't mention the sun, but matches the rest of your description and would probably be played in a club a couple years ago): Underworld, Moon in Water.
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No, that's waaaaaaaaaaaay to upbeat and fast. This was much slower, had a sexy feel to, think the lyrics were a metaphor for a woman chasing a man, but can't swear to that.
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Any chance it was Tears From The Moon?
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Chase the Sun by Planet Funk?

I'm at work so I can't youtube link.
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Nah. Tempo wise, it was more like Portishead's "Roads", with similar feel to the background ambience.
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This is a recent (random) downtempo version of the Oceanlab feat. Justine Suissa trance/prog smash hit from 2003/2004, "Satellite". Maybe it is close? The vocal track was leaked/released to the community so there are untold versions of the song in so many different styles.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ZiCxVeOwqGU#t=106s (SFW YT, no chicks kissing in the sidebar vids or anything)

The lyrics sound similar:

"And before you sleep at night
You pray to me your lucky star your singing satellite"
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No, the temp is still too fast and the ambience is overly processed in comparison to what I'm remembering.

Thanks to all who have looked so far!
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Is it Underwater Love by Smoke City? It has the lyric 'After the rain comes sun; after the sun comes rain again'.
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I think I heard a slightly different version, probably something mixed by the house DJ, yeah that's it.

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