bogus logins and passwords
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Does anyone remember a list of logins and passwords, for a myriad of sites, published online for all the world to use? Its advertised purpose was to allow one to use a website without having to register for access... so you didn't have to go through all the steps, nor receive spam in your inbox later... I think it's been several years since I've even thought of this -- also, I feel it had some form of 'gator' or other reptile in its name.
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Best answer: I think you're thinking of
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also, using mailinator email addresses can help with this (give anyone any email address -- mailinator will automatically create any inboxes that receive mail, and you can go check that inbox without creating an account at mailinator -- so if you need to get a one-time code or something from someone but you don't want to actually give them a real address, you can use mailinator)
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Response by poster: thanks jessamyn - that's it. why i associate it with reptiles is a meta for another day, although that's interesting, brainmouse -- i hadn't heard of that one before.
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You're probably thinking of this, a password saver and "e-wallet" program that was sort of half useful and half spyware.
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I was coming to suggest BugMeNot, but I'm also thinking of something very similar that was run by some group of folks with "crypt-"something in their names. And now that I can't bring it to mind it's driving me crazy.
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jeb, that must be who I'm thinking of, thanks!
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Yeah, the combination of cypherpunks/cypherpunks works almost everywhere, though I think that some sites deliberately block it. (The Providence Journal site used to accept this, then it didn't. Now maybe it does again, who knows? *shakes fist*)
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There used to be some nasty, nasty spyware called "Gator." It sold itself as a big helper but what it really did was collect information on everything you accessed and then spam you with related sites - and it was nearly impossible to get rid of.

Gator also came sleazing into your computer through some website you accessed, though it hid itself away and didn't use the name "Gator"; only when you realized what a mess you were in and went searching for the culprit did you discover that it was Gator after all.

That's been many years ago, though; surely there's something better out there now.
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