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Please help me login to ticketing at

If I try to access I get Please help me login to buy tickets - the Friends booking period opened at 10am BST and tickets go very fast. There've been problems when Friends booking opened before and I assumed that was what was happening today but I see from that others are getting in OK. I filled in the error page earlier and got an autoresponse email, but it looks like I'll get a reply too late to get tickets. I'm at work, and this is for my boss. We're using Windows XP Version 5.1 Service Pack 2 and Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 2. I have bought tickets successfully in the past but we got new workstations on Thursday and I wonder if our settings were changed in some way. Please tell me what to look for / what settings might need altering.
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I just registered an account and was able to log in with no problem via Firefox.

Try clearing your cache.
posted by essexjan at 8:57 AM on September 4, 2007

essexjan, sorry should have said I deleted all temporary internet files (that's what's meant, yes?). I've also tried putting the domain in trusted sites and allowing all cookies from it.
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