What the hell is up with Diaryland?
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For the past few months, Diaryland, the site where I host my online journal, has been having some strange errors. Requests for technical help have gone unanswered. I'm getting worried that the site has been abandoned. What is going on?

I know there was some sort of huge hardware failure in March of this year. But it seems as though Diaryland never fully recovered- parts of my diary, like my private entries, don't show up- it directs back to the error page from the night of the crash (you can see it here). Edits made to old entries don't seem to show up either. Requests made to the member help section have gone unanswered for months, when turnaround used to be a few days. I am a paying member of the site, and I've used it for years, so I'm becoming quite concerned. Does anyone have the inside scoop on what could be happening? Has anyone else noticed this problem?
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I personally don't know, but I believe the owner's profile is here. You could always IM him and ask, if you have an AIM account.
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Pretty much everyone I know of who uses diaryland has mentioned the same problems and same lack of response. Most of them are jumping ship to diary-x.com.
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I can't believe this has happened on the new server after the exact same thing happened 2 months ago on the old server and we moved the site to this one, it's absolutely unreal. This whole day has been a total nightmare for me, it's so stressful and depressing to have to go through this whole ordeal all over again.

Jeez. That "error" page qualifies for a Best of the Web award all on its own. Someone ought to make it an FPP on the blue.
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The error page has a link to the news section with a post dated today.
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