Help me hide my posts on Tumblr
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Tumblr question: How can I set my tumblr page up so that people can only get to a post if they have the specific link for that post?

The guys at recently set up this Tumblr. If I go to the frontpage, there is nothing there.

But, if I link directly to a post, such as this one, only then am I able to view the post.

I'd like to do something similar, in that I want to host content that only specific people who have a direct link need to see.

Any ideas on how I might accomplish this?
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Best answer: Post it as "private." This will make it "invisible" and not on your frontpage, but it will also give you a URL that you can give people that is publicly visible. Once it's posted in your timeline, click the "Share" button to get the URL.
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