Where can I find a shirt like Masuka's?
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Where can I find a shirt like Masuka's (pic 1, pic 2)?

What I'm looking for specifically is the mash-up of modern patterns, in a fitted shirt, with that "western wear" snap. I would prefer women's sizing and shape. I'm not looking for a straight Hawaiian/tiki or western snap shirt.

I've searched the DexterWiki for more information on his wardrobe (apparently I'm not the only one), but no joy.
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It reminds me of a Javanese batik shirt. This isn't it, but it might help with your searching.
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It's a pearl snap western (cowboy-type western) shirt. I would also like one.
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The fabric pattern is Japanese, this site sells similar patterns. Maybe someone on Etsy could do the sewing part?
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Looks like this etsy seller could make you on if you don't like the patterns she has already mixed
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