What cartoon is this?
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I'm looking for a sci-fi cartoon made in the mid to late 80s, I think. It's in the vein of Heavy Metal, but I'm pretty sure it was PG and not R.

I remember that the protagonist was a young man in some type of subterranean mining colony. The supervisors told everybody to never dig up, because upwards lay hell, but he went off to a remote corner and did it anyway. He eventually made his way to the surface and met up with a princess and saved the universe. This story had a particular hook in that he found some type of hilt that was an "energy sword" that would appear when he needed it, but then it turned out he was forming the sword by himself, and didn't need the empty hilt.
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StarChaser, the Legend of Orin.

Originally released in 3D, it has not aged well.
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Word. Thanks d.r. How's Paris?
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Still one dimensional, and aging fine.
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