What should we watch after Gargoyles?
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On a whim my girlfriend started us watching the 90's cartoon series Gargoyles together. For some bizarre reason this has turned into a fun little bonding ritual. Unfortunately we've almost reached the end of Season Two: Volume One, which is all that has been released on DVD (When's the rest coming out?). What should we watch next? She had the idea to watch the old X-Men cartoon series. What other retro shows have a little bit of that little kid fun, and a little bit of all-ages appeal?
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In a meta-way, Harvey Birdman is hard to beat, especially (now) for the Stephen Colbert part.
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Mummies Alive!
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If you get the disney toon channel (no idea what the proper name is) you might pick it up M-F at 3:30am and M-S at 4:30am. The show is a disney one so they probably have the rest of season two.
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My best friend and I usually watch at least two episodes of Pete and Pete a weekend. It's possibly the best thing ever.
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How about Doctor Who? Not a cartoon, but definitely has childlike whimsy, at least in the most recent incarnations.
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The Tick
Justice League
Ren & Stimpy (the earlier seasons are MUCH better)
And for the fun/weird/retro, you just can't beat Aeon Flux
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i think the animators/creators may have been the same...at any rate i remember it being out on tv roughly the same time gargoyles was.
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nthing x-men, which is amazing. the spiderman cartoons from the same era are also pretty great. or at least they seemed great when i was seven years old.

man, you could go for early, early power rangers too, if you felt like hating yourself in the morning.
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Have you seen Samurai Jack? It's all kinds of awesome.
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Seconding Batman: The Animated Series and Samurai Jack.

Also, Justice League Unlimited.
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Thirding Batman: The Animated Series. Incredible show!
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Avatar: The Last Airbender is a truly first-rate show that my six-year-old and I enjoy together.
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Pirates of Dark Water, which, at 29 I'm going back to watch and its still mostly awesome. They never finished the show, so be warned.
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Exo-Squad was pretty cool, but might be hard to find on DVD. And I'll Nth Batman.
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Oh shit yeah Pirates of Dark Water!
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My former roommate was a huge Transformers fan. We downloaded and watched all of the original series and the movie.

Whatever you do, do NOT watch the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show. It is not as good as you remember.
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I'm a big fan of Star Blazers. It's older than Gargoyles, but it's really brilliant and has a huge story arch. It's dramatic and cool and sad and action packed. And, yes, sort of campy because of when it was made.

I bought the VHS set some years ago and we watched an episode every night before bed. It was great!

Quest for Iscandar is the first story, and by far the better. Highly recommended.
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You can't go wrong with anything that Bruce Timm has made his mark on. This means, pretty much anything in the DCAU (DC Animated Universe) which includes, Batman, Superman, Batman/Superman, Justice League, Teen Titans, and so on.

A bit of the courtship between me and my wife involved some cuddling beneath a blanket to the dulcet tones of Spongebob Squarepants.

Voltron has not aged well.
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Yes. Batman the Animated Series.
Dexter's Laboratory
The Tick
Seasons 3-9 of the Simpsons
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How bout the Venture Brothers? You get the same cheesy cartoon goodness, but with layers of snark and meta on top of it.
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The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Truly awesome. And I second the last 3 series of Doctor Who - not a cartoon, but still fun.
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I second Pirates of Darkwater.

And I will also nominate Mighty Max! The villain was voiced by Tim Curry.
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The Muppet Show
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I'm going to repeat others, but I don't care. The first two you should start with are Batman: The Animated Series and Avatar: The Last Airbender.
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I agree with those who assert that It's Time For Aaaanimaaaaniacs.

Also, yes, the Muppet Show. We got those for my dad last Xmas and all ended up watching them in hysterics for most of the day.
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I'd give Dragonball Z a try, if you like it there are enough episodes to keep you entertained for years (literally!).
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The Adventures of Pete & Pete
old Ren & Stimpy
The Tick
The Muppet Show
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Robotech is an odd mash up from several Japanese animated series which was deconstructed, remixed, and released here in the states during the 80s.

Despite its mongrel pedigree, it in many ways exemplifies the serialized Space Opera genre.

Anyway, there are about a million episodes to dig through as well some awesome derivative movies and series.

If you're at all interested in giant robots, love triangles, and badly dubbed anime, then you may want to check it out... or you could go drink from the alter of Gundam.... bleh...
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batman beyond
teen titans
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to address your question about when the rest of the series will be out on dvd the answer is most likely never.

googiling for: gargoyles complete torrent

has some interesting results though
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Many excellent suggestions here, to which I must add two more recent cartoons that my toon loving boy and I have bonded to in the past: Futurama (if you haven't seen it) and Invader Zim (about 20% of our in jokes come from this delightfully twisted series.
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You might like Home Movies.
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Definitely Batman the Animated Series for the more "serious" animation. The Tick and Dexter's Laboratory for the more offbeat humorous stuff. Powerpuff Girls is as good as Dexter, and it's surprisingly entertaining even for guys, despite all the tongue-in-cheek cutesiness of it.

That's assuming that all these '90s shows are as "retro" as Gargoyles is. If you're old enough, you could dig around for older early '80s stuff that you might've grown up on, like He-Man. Even if it's not nearly as good as it seemed at the time, it's amusing to see how cheesy some of it actually is.

But if you really wanna go retro, you could get the DVDs of the old Disney animated shorts, which seem to have all but been ignored by their TV departments, including Toon Disney. Watching them constantly on the Disney Channel was one of the simple pleasures of my childhood.

When is Muppet Babies ever gonna get released on DVD?
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I'm surprised that it hasn't been mentioned yet, but Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is fantastic. Freakazoid is alot of fun and silly too. As far as old-school camp is concerned, i'll nth Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Batman: TAS, and The Tick.

For more modern american animation, check out The Boondocks, The Venture Brothers, Futurama, and Invader Zim.

Beyond all that, if you're feeling a little anime, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, FLCL, and Full Metal Alchemist all have more than acceptable dubs, which make them easy to watch. Just be aware that it isn't the norm for Anime to have shiny happy endings, but it also gives you guys an opportunity to share some emotions as things happen.
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Darkwing Duck and Batman
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Nthing Animaniacs and 2nding Tiny Toons... remember the episode where Babs was an actress on the show thirteensomething?
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Another vote for Batman: the Animated Series (not The Batman) and Samurai Jack. If it's the serial nature of the animated shows that appeals to you, I have fond memories of Duck Tales and (to a lesser extent) the Gummi Bears, although it depends on how much you can tolerate the more kid-centric shows.
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The whole series. Other cartoons can't compare.
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Looonatics Unleashed has turned out not to be as ghastly as you'ld expect. I mean, Bootsy Collins as a bad guy?!?

Invader Zim is good kiddy fun

How about a little Courage the Cowardly Dog, Freakazoid and The Tick for catchphrase-a-rama.
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My girlfriend and I bond over Avatar. It's not retro and the series isn't complete yet, but it's good. My girlfriend and I both studied animation in college and considered it as a career opportunity, so when I say that neither of us expected this level of quality from an American animation, we're saying that from a certain level of experience and expertise. It's really really good.
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Batman seems to be the closest one thematically+it trumps X-men (which was a good show in it's own right). The other suggestions seem a bit bleh-blah-squirt-silly cartoons. But A good narrative retro (90's) is "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego" or "Spider-Man".
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Seconding Mysterious Cities of Gold. Used to watch it with my college boyfriend. Excellent stuff.
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For more details about your "when's the rest coming out" question, check TVShowsonDVD
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While browsing through blockbuster online I saw that the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon was available on dvd, so I did a quick search to see what other old cartoons were available. Check out this site for a great list of dvd's available through amazon
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DuckTales is another good one, at least from what I can remember originally. I've seen a couple episodes since, but I haven't seen enough to conclude if it's as good as it was when I was a kid.

It seemed to have been pulled from Toon Disney in the past couple of years (which still shows TaleSpin and Rescue Rangers), and I'm guessing it's not a coincidence that it recently became available on DVD.
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Thundercats! (Hoooooooooooo!)
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Seconding (?) Justice League and - Unlimited. There're ups and downs, but many of the episodes are quite excellent. Some deep character dynamics, and the multi-episode arcs are great.
Also cannot but throw in a vote for Venture Bros, which is so, so good.
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