Help me get established with an extended trip to Spain por favor!
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I’m planning to visit Spain for a 90 day period in the coming Spring. I was wondering if The Mefites might help me with some basic info about the region including cost of living, finding temporary living arrangements, and establishing a decent social life in the few months I will be able to stay in the country.

I am a North American currently in The USA after two years living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I really want to check out Spain and to expose myself to The Spanish accent and get to know, “The Mother Country of the Spanish speaking world” .

I speak Spanish, don’t expect to experience any culture shock, and sadly have only a short time to make friends and get familiar with the region. I’m not looking to backpack around the country or Europe as I prefer to dig in and get to know one region or city well. Seville seems to be a nice place.

I have searched for expat info or recommendations online but have come up with little current information. I am looking for advice on the following items:

1. Cost of living in Seville.

2. Cost of a temporary apartment of house to stay at. Furnished. With a roommate or without.

3. Good neighborhoods to look into for the housing issue. The ideal neighborhood would be secure, full of things to do, interesting people, and places to walk to. I’m thinking something like Palermo en Bs.As.

4. Places to meet and make friends with locals.

5. Places to meet and make friends with other foreigners staying in the region.

6. Recommended websites to make contacts and get more info for expats and foreigners. Websites in Spanish might be really helpful as I suspect there may be a lot of info and contacts that I can make from South Americans in the region.

7. Any other information or help anybody familiar with Spain or Seville can provide.

Gracias a Uds. Chau chau!
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If you like animals you could foster pets for the local rescue organization. I did this when I lived in Southern Spain and it was a great way to a) have some animal companionship without long term commitment, b) meet ex-pats and locals when dog-walking, and c) meet ex-pats and locals involved in the organization.

The one in Sevilla is here.
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Consider Madrid. Much lower concentration of American students, so you avoid the ex pat ghetto, and people are super friendly.
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