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What are some good songs to listen to on shrooms? Any other ideas on how to have a good trip appreciated as well.

I might be eating mushrooms with my girlfriend. She has never had them before and I want to maximize the possibility of her having a good experience. I'm going to make a playlist to listen to in case we/she feels like listening to music. We're pretty open minded in our tastes. Any suggestions hive mind?
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Depending on what sort of music you are into anyway - KLF - Chill Out?
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You should watch Powers of 10!
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Iron Butterfly
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I have very fond memories of shrooming my brains out with the extended mix of the Stone Roses' Fools Gold on repeat.
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Also, you should have lots of delicious beverages around.
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Chanting by the Lama Karta. Magic stuff, that.
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I always enjoyed Styx and Todd Rundgren under those particular circumstances, and icy cold beer in aluminum cans. It was also 1976, and we were around a campfire, with the music coming out of a first generation orange Toyota hatchback. In the woods. YMMV.
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Pink Floyd
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60s era Beatles.
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I haven't ever actually done any shrooms but there is some great stuff (and some fairly mediocre stuff, but hey, it's all free) at Ektoplazm. I assume it would be fun to trip to, because... well, just look at the site.
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In the other trip tips category: go out in nature! As halfbuckaroo notes above, campfires are magical for this sort of thing. Trees and grass swaying in the wind or waves rolling up onto the beach also can't be beat.
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Chris Coco!
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I caution against anything with very rapid beats or tempo shifts - these tend to cause over-excitement and edginess. Lyrics can also be tricky as even the most innocuous of words can sometimes disrupt one's set; much safer to opt for stuff with no lyrics, or foreign/glossolalia.

Some fondly remembered voyages have been launched via the following...

Dead Can Dance - Indus

Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Requiem

Six Organs Of Admittance - River Of Heaven

Neokarma Jooklo Trio - Arabian Sun
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This is subjective, and so any of these could potentially lead to bad trips to the extent that they're not simply pleasant, easy listening but soundtracks for journeying (and 'journeying' is the proper way to approach a trip, in my opinion.)

Tim Hecker -
Dropped Pianos
Harmony In Ultraviolet

Animal Collective -
Sung Tongs
Campfire Songs

The Orb - Orbus Terrarum

Eluvium - Copia

My favorite soundtrack for breaking minds and viscerally coming to grips with the elasticity of time, but probably for advanced trippers & the foolhardy only:
Autechre - "Lentic Catachresis"
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The right psychedelic music is always situation dependent. If you want a calm, flowing vibe, that's the kind of music you want. If you want to turn things on their head, different music.

The key is to think of it as a soundtrack to a movie you'll actually be in. This generally means less song-oriented stuff with lots of words and dynamic changes, more moody stuff. But again, what mood do you want?

I will say this. The best mushroom/music experience I ever had featured a ten or fifteen minute version of Plastic Dreams by Jadee by. Of course, I was dancing at the time.
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Any other ideas on how to have a good trip appreciated as well.

Will you be tripping as well? If so, will you have someone sober on hand? I recommend it, just in case.

I always say it, but it's always worth mentioning: The two most important things for any trip but especially a first trip are set and setting. Make sure your girlfriend is ready and willing and open; that she has a good set. Also make sure you're somewhere she's comfortable. The setting is important.

As for the music, if I were you I'd just compile a bunch of tracks/artists and dump it into a playlist and hit random. Trying to order it too much is just the sort of stricture that would trigger negative thoughts. The flow of a random selection is likely to be easier to relate to than anything devised by you.

Some suggestions:
-The Glow, Pt. 2 by The Microphones.
- Mouthfuls by Fruit Bats
- Some Boots by Karate
- Loveless by My Bloody Valentine
- anything from Dirty Three or Mick Turner
- Friday Night in San Francisco
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The Sounds of The Sounds of Science by Yo La Tengo
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I was first exposed to classic jazz while on shrooms. It made me a HUGE fan.

Kind of Blue - Miles Davis

It maybe it bit mellow for many. It definitely is great for coming down from whatever yer poison is.
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A couple of Grateful Dead concert tapes will get you through any such experience. Barton Hall is one of the all time classics.
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Any of the early Moody Blues albums, my favorite-- On the Threshold of a Dream.
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I think anything you (she) really loves that's a favorite. For me, pink floyd's Meddle and REM's Life's Rich Pageant and Automatic For the People. Primus for fun if you're fans.
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Under the category of "Any other ideas", consider obtaining some episodes of "Pee Wee's Playhouse". Also, think about having food with interesting flavors/textures. Eggplant pizza is very interesting.
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Everyone in this thread is wrong.

The RIGHT answer is to let her pick. Let her figure it out. More fun that way.
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The Flaming Lips "Hit to Death in the Future Head."
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Richard Burton reading The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
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Music seems pretty well covered, so as far as other ideas...

If you're in a shitty mood on the day you pick, just wait till later to do it. Start earlyish in the day, like 11 or 12- you don't want to get tired before you're done! Absolutely be outside, especially in the beginning, preferably someplace where you can easily get inside if the weather changes or you just feel like it. Have art supplies handy but don't feel pressured to make anything particularly amazing with them. Have an easy-to-use camera handy, with a large memory card.

Finally, as a friend of mine once put it- the word 'trip' can be taken fairly literally. You're gonna go places... and if you don't like where you are, keep moving. It's easy to get stuck somewhere bad, but sometimes you can unstick yourself if you keep it in mind. I've never experienced that problem, so I haven't had a chance to try this, but she swears by it.
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This list is on the easy-listening / trippy progressive rock side of things. Some of these songs get pretty intense, so I'd take a listen first to make sure it's the right mood. Voyage 34 is thematically appropriate as it's about tripping on acid, but some of the narration later in the album might cause unwanted introspection. It carries nicely though; you'll just float away on the soundwaves for 70 minutes. The entire Emerson, Lake & Palmer album is softly textured, varied, and emotionally positive, so it may be perfect. I can't recommend 'I Talk to the Wind' enough. Good trippin' to ya, sir.

Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34

Voyage 34: The Complete Trip

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Self Titled

The Barbarian
Take a Pebble
The Three Fates
Lucky Man

King Crimson

I Talk to the Wind
Cadence and Cascade
Prelude: Song of the Gulls

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I've got this theory that the Big Lebowski soundtrack is ordered specifically with a deepening shoorm trip in mind. Listen to the whole thing.
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Also. I'm not sure your tripping experience but I like to make sure I'm outside and in motion when the Howling With Laughter plus Soaring Body High phase of the trip kicks in. I recommend against sober trip sitters. You don't need'em, you can't explain shit to them. And please god don't let anyone just "watch you guys for fun to see what you do" like some kind of gawking tourist. Shrooms are sacred and people are either in your little shroom tribe for the day or they're goddamn out. No Normals need apply.

DON'T watch TV or movies or anything on a monitor. Picking out songs on a playlist is the only reason to look at a screen. DO get plenty of fluids and also a bunch of oranges. I honestly don't know if they make you trip harder or not but they're delicious, fun to play with and usually on sale in December.

Here's the rhythm I'd aim for tripping this time of year:

1) Eat them somewhere safe with good music going, chat and wait for the walls to start moving. (OPTIONAL: decide they're not working after waiting about 45 minutes and eat more, right before your first dose actually kicks in, have extra long trip)

2) Go outside of home base safe zone on some kind of journey - reaching somewhere pretty outside is a good goal for a quest. Laugh asses off at how difficult it proves to get both shoes on properly. Did you remember your lighter?

3) Avoid Normals. Deal with many hilarious complications and obstacles on your journey, get sidetracked, get back on point, repeat as needed until quest completed. Revel in triumph.

4) Go where night takes you - maybe back to home base safe zone but maybe not. A bit after Peaking, it's on to the Thousand Golden Buddhas phase which would be an excellent time to look at some houses that still have Christmas lights on them. Talk a bunch and probably figure out meaning of life from many ingenious angles. Making out and messing around is especially excellent during this phase.

5) Smoke a bowl on your way down. Maybe some more music and a snack. Fall asleep eventually, stay that way for a long time. Wake up and enjoy how the world seems a little tilted.

6) Hopefully, you don't have to be effective anywhere today. Maybe making sure that your calender is clear for a recovery day ought to be step zero.

Have fun!
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(the Journey is meant to be a walking one, obviously.)
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My best shrooming was done without any specific or deliberate soundtrack/music. It's such an all-encompassing experience that the sounds in your environment become the soundtrack...And one that is so random that it launches many amazing trips and diversions. Sitting on a shady back porch on a summer afternoon, for instance. That's one hell of a launchpad.
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Can I meekly recommend the Tom Jones with CSNY link from the front page today?

Because it... well... yeah. That.
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Steely Dan.
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I've had fun with Phaedra, also with The Heavenly Music Corporation. If you want something a little more sweaty and organic, perhaps a little Joe Cocker?
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Also, definitely wandering about outdoors after dark. Especially if you can organize trees and moonlight. Take only a bottle of water with you; one precious possession is plenty to be keeping track of.
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If you're making up a playlist with Pink Floyd on it, include this soundtrack; it's basically Meddle performed live in an amphitheatre, with only you and the camera crew for an audience.
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Tricky's album Pre-Millennium Tension.
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Frank Zappa.

Being outside is OK, but depending on your constitution there is nothing to be ashamed of if you'd like to stay in. 1970s animation is excellent, something like Forbidden Planet. Comfy blanky helps. I find that if I have a nice fresh towel to lick, gnaw, and chew I am much more in phase with the void.
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Oh, and beer. It is possible to drink infinite amounts of beer while in process.
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Honestly, I always found self-consciously "trippy" music/video/whatever to be overkill. It's like Thorzdad says: anything going on in your environment is going to get amplified, so a mellow and uncluttered environment is best, and that's true for your sonic environment as well.

And especially since this is her first time, you know, you shouldn't be looking to Blow Her Mind, you just want it to be basically pleasant and fun. If there's gonna be music, it should be music that she likes, or that has meaning or symbolic importance for her. If you want to be helpful, have her bring her ipod or whatever and set it up with speakers ahead of time, before you dose. That way it's there if she suddenly gets all ZOMG WE HAVE TO LISTEN TO $THING.

Also, have some Tums in case her stomach gets wibbly, and something hydrating to drink. If either of you smokes, you will smoke an infinite number of cigarettes, just like Meatbomb's infinite amounts of beer, so stock up on those too. If you're doing it indoors, try to be somewhere that has space to roam around a bit and go on adventures and expeditions and such. A house or a good sized apartment is better than let's say a dorm room. Have fun!
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Bob Wills Texas Playboy's Dusty Skies. Lots of old pop, blues, Hawiian, country music (like Carter Family fee instance) offers the possibility that you can get in touch with an entirely different age through a more of less familiar form of song.
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If you have access to a forgiving record player, plus records and needles that aren't particularly precious, 'playing with records' can be really interesting...slowing music down, scratching records, playing them backwards. Generally just playing with the physicality of music/sound.

But yeah, go outside and look at some trees or water or fire or whatever.
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Nthing what people have said about letting her pick music that feels right to her, but if you're specifically looking for music to make the environment trippier, here's what I listen to*:

Royksopp - Senior
The Books - The Way Out
Infected Mushroom - Legend of the Black Shawarma

More mellow music:
Hooverphonic - Blue Wonder Power Milk
Lemon Jelly - LemonJelly.KY
Delirium - Poem

If you have the ability to link your computer up to a tv, it's really fun to watch Winamp's Milkdrop visualizations while listening to music (and hitting 'h' will move the visualizations to the next animation if any of them bother her or you).

*I've never done shrooms, so the above music recommendations are based on tripping with acid and other psychedelics
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Decara A La Pased
Michael Hedges - Beyond Boundries
Black Hawk Down soundtrack
Robert Rich - Somnium
Flying Lotus - Los Angeles (avoid Cosmogramma)

And maybe, just maybe: Morphine - Cure for pain

Here's the thing. I've found my taste in music changes dramatically on mushrooms. Simpler, slower songs have a more room in them. Experiment beyond what you would normally like. So called "New Age" seems to work amazingly well. Seriously!

Don't forget to close your eyes.
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My Bloody Valentine, Flying Saucer Attack, Bardo Pond.
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Qawwali music! Nusret Fateh Ali Khan is the BEST to shroom on, I've heard.
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Gonna recommend having a playlist of 'genuine' songs that not only sound great but also mean something to you. These will sound good to you if all goes well and, also important, help out if things go wrong. Think Derek and the Dominos' Bell Bottom Blues, and don't think King Crimson's Indiscipline, although the list should obviously be personal. But maybe have separate playlists, one of them Indiscipline-free. For me, mine would have Bell Bottom Blues, Hey Jude, some Stone Roses (like She Bangs the Drums and Song for My Sugar-Spun Sister) ... my favorite feel-good songs that I haven't overlistened to.
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Van Morrison's Listen To The Lion once saved my psychedelic soul, turned a trip going wrong into a transcendent thing. Because sometimes you just need a little reminder that you've got a lion inside you ...
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I just want to retract my recommendation of Voyage 34: The Complete Trip. I just listened to it again, and it's not for first-time tripping. Avoid.
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For a first time, I think daytime is better (night can get scary more easily than beautiful sunlight) and if its cold, I recommend some place to be warm and cozy. Also will agree that its way more important for the first time to be pleasant and comfortable. Things like going out in public or nighttime tripping I think should generally be for more experienced astronauts.

The best music is something she's already into. What are her standby albums? Think about which ones out those would best ping the mind and have them handy on the day.
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