Where to FranklinCovey geeks hang out?
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Fellow productivity geeks: I'm trying to find an online community where FranklinCovey adherents and users of Franklin Planners hang out. Any ideas?

I've looked all over and I've found dozens of forums for followers of GTD, but the only thing I can find for followers of the FranklinCovey system is a single slow forum tucked away into a corner of franklincovey.com that appears to be moderated. Is there a forum or board somewhere that caters to the corporate Franklin Planner set, or are they all too busy doing actual work to geek out online?
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You might try searching for '7 Habits' places, as the Franklin Covey planners are based on the principles in the 7 Habits books by Steven Covey. There is a forum on his official website (I didn't bother signing up to see it so it might not be useful).
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