In search of Portobello and shrimp recipe for New Year's yummies
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Help me make Portobello mushrooms + small frozen shrimp = delicious New Year's eve hors d'oeuvre?

While shopping at our local farmers' market today for New Year's goodies, we found some nice Portobellos, and then picked up some frozen shrimp (small size). Do you happen to have a personal favorite recipe that features these two lovelies together in a beautiful relationship?
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I would make up a batch of something like this, stuff the mushroom caps with it and bake.
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Not something I have personally made, but I have never found a recipe on Simply Recipes to go wrong and had been eyeing their shrimp dip recipe for a while. If I were you, I'd liberally salt and pepper and oil the mushrooms, roast for a little while in the oven, then spoon this mixture into them (brought to room temperature), top with some cheese and breadcrumbs if you'd like then broil briefly to get the tops browned and the shrimp mixture heated.
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Perhaps you could make a variation of shrimp and grits. Change the grits to a heartier polenta. Mound the polenta onto sauteed portabella caps and top with the shrimp.
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You could serve mushroom stuffed tomatoes and Tomates Crevettes, or Shrimp Croquettes with mushroom sauce.
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Skewer shrimp and mushroom chunks, baste with balsamic vinaigrette, and grill. Easy to eat.
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I've made the Simply Recipes shrimp dip and it is quite delicious, but I don't think I would be quite so good warmed up and served as mushroom filling.

If it were me, I would go with something like this.
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it* would be quite so good not I
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Thanks, everyone. They're all best answers, but I've marked the ones I'm going to use. The two from Martha My Dear Prudence and ephemerista are nearly the same, and suit me very well because I have all the ingredients! Also, if I have any shrimp left over, I'm going to try peacheater's shrimp dip recipe.

Faint of Butt's recipe looks yummy, but has a lot of cheese, and since we'll be having cheese as well, might be too much of a good thing. Also will try ivken's Tomato Crevettes for a great summer dish since tomatoes aren't very flavorful at the moment.

(Verdant, I adore shrimp and grits! I used to make it all the time in the U.S., and a friend who visited even once brought me a big ol' bag of grits, so my husband and I are probably the only two people in Greece who have eaten shrimp and grits in Greece. I didn't think of trying it with polenta, and using it to top the mushrooms sounds brilliant, but unfortunately the only place I've found polenta so far charges a lot – like €7 for a regular-size box.)
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