A cheerful tune or two?
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Suggestions for peppy, happy, instrumental music, similar to Shugo Tokumaru's - The Mop and Dave Richmond's Movin' Along?

Looking for the songs that make you smile, even on your worst day, without words, but simply through the exuberance inherent in their tempo and tenor.

Shugo Tokumaru - the Mop

Dave Richmond - Movin' Along
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Nickel Creek's Smoothie Song has always been one of my favorites, and seems like it may fit with what you're looking for here.

Also, it should be noted that your second link features an album cover that can be decidedly NSWF.
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Some--but not all--the tracks on Pell Mell's Interstate may fit the bill.

Like this one.
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I've mentioned his one before, but Girl Unit's "Wut" has that effect on me.
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Some of Unicorn Kid's music has words and some doesn't, but all of it is incredibly upbeat. Try Chrome Lion.
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Everything by the band 33.3. I'm on my phone and can't link but I think it's what you're looking for.
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This tune by Michael Nyman.

Anything by this person, who is more or less brilliant.
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Two from the B-52s:

Work That Skirt [Fair warning: linked video is lots of young women in short skirts, but I couldn't find another]

Follow Your Bliss

Hot Butter had a hit in the 70s with a cover of Popcorn. I had no idea until just now that this was not the original recording of this song.
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Wow, here's a totally smile-inducing acoustic cover of Popcorn. Really, I dare you not to grin. ;)
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Most of this record, particularly matching that modern bluegrass feel. Sorry it's not on You Tube, but here are the artists showing you what it's like.
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There are some really marvelous 60's/70's European instrumental artists that fit your description for me.

Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Moorhouse, David Snell, Francis Lai, George Martin, James Clarke, John Cameron, John Gregory, Keith Mansfield, Laurie Johnson, Neil Richardson, The Noveltones, The Simon Park Orchestra, and Syd Dale, to name a few.
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Anything by Depapepe.
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