Why does my LG BD560 Blu-Ray player play DVDs but refuses to play Blu-Ray discs?
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Why does my LG BD560 Blu-Ray player play DVDs but refuses to play Blu-Ray discs? Any possible solutions?

When I insert a DVD into my LG BD560 Blu-Ray player it plays immediately it without any issue. However, when I insert any Blu-Ray disc it spins for a few seconds (the spinning seems to create a slight buzzing sound) and then displays the error message "Check Disc" and ejects the disc. This happens with any Blu-Ray I insert

I have already tried resetting to the factory settings. And I have updated to the latest LG firmware - -Ver:BD.8.31.362.C/Date:2011.11.16

But this did not solve the problem. Can anyone give any advice on what might be wrong and how to fix it?

I am in the UK and the regional code of both the player and the discs is 2.
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Best answer: Check for known problems with that particular firmware update. Otherwise, because DVDs and Blu-ray discs are read using separate lasers and related components, it's entirely possible that you have a hardware problem that affects only Blu-ray.
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Best answer: Your player has two lasers in it for reading these two types of disc, and it sounds like there may be a problem with the Blu-Ray laser. If it's just obstructed by dirt you may be able to open the case and clean it, or you could try hitting it with some compressed air. If these efforts don't fix it, you'll probably be better off just buying a new player (or trying to get it replaced if it's under warranty, check on this before opening it up.)
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