I need help going on the Jaws ride before it closes
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Help me go on the Jaws ride at Universal Florida before it closes!

Jaws is my favorite movie and the Jaws ride at Universal is closing on January 2nd. I'm flying down to visit my mom in Florida on Dec 30th and the girlfriend is coming down to visit on the 3rd and we're planning a big trip to Universal for Harry Potter world.

So: I will be at Universal after Jaws closes but will be in the neighborhood before it closes...but can't justify another whole days ticket just for one ride. All I want to do is come in, ride Jaws once (or twice) and leave.

I'm thinking of trying to write to someone at the park or maybe in PR and explain my problem, throw myself on their mercy...but I have no idea who to contact. Does anybody have any ideas?
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Best answer: See if you can buy a two- (or multi-) day pass for a discount that will allow you to go in time.
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I don't think you will be able to do much short of buying a ticket. But you could try some social media: Tweet @UORnews or Facebook them?
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Sorry, bad link above: Facebook
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Response by poster: I just tried tweeting at UORnews, lets see how that goes.
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Best answer: Per rhizome's suggestion, it looks like 1-day admission costs $85, and 2-day admission costs $115. The FL resident discount brings that down to $76 and $106 respectively.
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Best answer: Contact Guest Relations at the park. I was in GR at Universal Studios Hollywood several years ago and got requests like yours all the time. Sometimes I was able to accomodate them, sometimes I wasn't, but it's certainly worth the effort of a super-polite email or phone call. (I have no idea what their turnaround time is on email, but mine was seven days, so it'd probably better to call directly.) Make sure to mention you're coming back for another day at the park--that would have opened up a lot of options for me, so perhaps it will for them as well.

In any case, the GR staff at UO must get these kinds of questions all the time, especially with the ride's imminent closure. If anyone can help you (or not help you, as the case may be), I imagine it'd be them. If nothing else, they should be able to point you to the best price on a two-day pass.
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Best answer: Your least expensive option is to upgrade to multiple day ticket. There are such things as "After 2 o'clock" tickets, but during the holiday season, probably not available, and are certainly more costly than multiday upgrade.
There are "Shopping Passes" which are nominally free, but only good for such a short period of time, there is no way to get to back of park, wait in line and ride before pass reverts to a ticket price and you are charged on your credit card on hold. (You could tell Guest Services that you got so wrapped up with the selection of souvenirs, that you completely lost track of time. Oh, you better buy something, again more cost to the admission!)
Just upgrade your ticket.
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Response by poster: I called Universal Guest and they suggested a 2 day park pass, so I guess I'll just do that. It turns out my mom's going to get a yearly pass so we'll have a casual day there and it'll make a bit more sense than just running in to see Jaws.
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Response by poster: Oh, and they don't offer the shopping passes any more, but Jazz Hands, that would have been a great option.
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Make sure you describe to the ticket seller at the window, how exactly you want to use the ticket, for example if you are only going to one park on each of the days you are visiting, or if you want the flexibility to go to both parks on both days. Also, that you aren't going to be using the second day until the 3rd or 4th of January, you don't want the second usage to expire unused.

How you are going to use the ticket can change pricing structure, so be clear when purchasing, it will save you a hassle at the turnstile if you have the wrong kind of ticket.
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