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Help me work out how to present a holiday as a present to my partner.

Im getting my boyfriend essentially 2 days at a hotel next to a theme park he hasnt stopped going on about since I met him for his birthday. His birthday is the 15th but we will be going untill the 26th, so I was wondering wheather I could do like...a kind of quiz or puzzle thing for him to work out where were going maybe the day before? Or give him a little hint every day...except I would prefer he didnt work that out so, they have to be pretty hard clues...or clues that dont make sense untill theyre put together...

Im wracking my brains trying to think of a cool way to present this to him, and I wondered if anyone could help me?

Things to know;
He pretty much has an idea we're going somewhere (I had to get him to book the time off unfortunately).
I've had the idea of setting up a throwaway email account (he is very techy) and maybe emailing him a little clue or riddle or something each day? Or something he has to do?
We live in the same house, which is small but I am an expert at hiding things and he is not very observant.
A couple of the days within that gap I will see him for only a few hours (I work 12 hour shifts).

Any ideas? Or are there any guides to this kind of thing? I have googled to no avail?
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My first thought was a literal puzzle. You could print a photo of the themepark on some heavy cardstock and cut it up into puzzle pieces. Then wrap it up in a box and present it to him the day before you go. He'll probably get it pretty quickly, but it would still be a cute way to have something to wrap up.
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I work in a bookstore, and occasionally I'll have the delightful experience of meeting someone who's surprising their loved one with a trip, and so they buy a book on the location and tuck the tickets inside, and then present the whole thing as the gift. Very classy, and informative!
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I've given my wife vacations on a number of occasions. My technique is to get a small trinket somehow related to the trip, and write the location and dates on it in sharpie, then wrap it up and give it to her as a present on the day of celebration.

She's received a dashboard hula guy (for a hawaii trip), a plastic bathtub shark (Caribbean), a sombrero (Mexico), and a snowboarder (Colorado).
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You could write a series of word puzzles, each of which give him a clue/word that he has to enter into one final, penultimate puzzle that will result in the phrase "We're going to ThemeParkName"! Have someone else try to solve the puzzles first, to make sure they make sense, and be there to help him out if he gets stuck.
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