What's this piece called?
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Please help me find the name of a classical music piece I saw performed on a TV program.

Several months ago, I watched a television program about Prince Charles' love of gardening. It was a British show in a documentary format and basically consisted of the host exploring the prince's gardens and interviewing him about it. Now my question is this, the show ended with a benefit concert performed by a classical orchestra. The piece the orchestra performed was extremely beautiful and has been haunting me ever since. Does anyone know the name of the piece, or even better, have a link to the performance (or the whole program)? TIA.
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Highgrove: Alan Meets Prince Charles?

This is Part 4 of the show - concert piece is at the end. I just had fake nails put on so I'm a little slow at typing but this should be on imdb with credits.
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Here's a dvd and the other three parts are also on youtube, obviously ;)
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O hai me again - the music was commissioned for the show.....much info and names and clips here.
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Thanks a million, iconomy. The program features just a tiny snippet of the music, but since I found out it's called the Highgrove Suite and is available for sale (Amazon just has 3 copies left), I'll be ordering it promptly. Thanks again :)
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