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I would like to buy my girlfriend a gift certificate for some art classes, but I don't know where to start. Help! We're in Los Angeles.

Here's the extended explanation: She works a lot during the week, so weekend or evening classes and some flexibility would be nice. And I would consider her to be an intermediate, I think with acrylics. I don't want to offend her by enrolling her into something really advanced. I want her to have fun, feel good and learn stuff. Maybe if there is a school where she can choose some classes that would be great. She lives in the mid-Wilshire area, so nothing overly far please. Thanks in advance!
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I have no experience with the classes, but what about the Barnsdall art park?
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You go to your locally owned art supply store and look at their bulletin board and ask the employees.
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Check out the Craigslist calendar for individual workshops---there's a ton of choices listed. LACMA is closest to the Mid Wilshire area, and they offer individual workshops for adults. Blick Artist's Materials at Beverly and Poinsettia has some demo workshops as well. You might check out LACC for adult workshops during the next session.
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Here you go; (she has gotten very good reviews):

Bridges Art Studio
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I've taken some LACMA classes -- they're fun, and it's cool to get to take your class in the museum. Plus, you can meet her afterward and go to Stark Bar! The ones I took (on the weekend) were very much aimed at beginners, though -- from what I recall, the more advanced classes were inconveniently right in the middle of the work day, but I suspect it also changes quarterly, so she might have some flexibility there.

I've heard that Brentwood Art is good, but I've never been there, and I've also heard good stuff about Art Works.
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Personally, I think you're much better off buying your girlfriend paints/brushes/canvases -- things she can use in an art class -- and giving her a card letting her know how supportive you are of her hobby, and how you would love to pay for professional classes in the future.

This is a win-win situation: she'll greatly appreciate your encouragement; you have zero chance of screwing up by signing her up for something that might not be right for her.
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Best answer: amy shawley has lots of upcoming workshops, many of them in her studio in downtown los angeles. she is one of golden acrylic's working artists, and an excellent teacher. i bet you could pre-pay for a number of classes that your girlfriend could then schedule as she wants.

(disclaimer: i own an art supply store, also in downtown los angeles, amy has taught classes for us in the past and probably will in the future.)
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