Is there a service in Korea that would write and locally mail a greeting card for me?
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Is there a personalized greeting card service in Korea? I'd like to have a company send on my behalf a holiday card to a household with my own custom message inside.

Basically, I'd like to avoid writing a card here in the US and paying $40 to send one greeting card to a family in Korea, for delivery before Christmas day. I'd like a Korean company to write a personal message (of my choosing) for me in Korea, and mail it by local post. The card and the message inside should be in Korean, not English. In the US, I could use a service like this: .

I know there are services in the US where they would even hand-write the inside greeting for me, and that would be ideal, but not necessary. The card design can be any mass design - I'm not looking to customize the card design with photos or anything, though that would be even better. Assuming I can't customize the design, I would choose something on the elegant side.

Maybe there are Korean expat message boards or something like that that could help me find something like this - but I'm not familiar with those sites. Any leads on this would be appreciated!
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FedEx Office has a number of locations in Korea. If you can get the card created on your computer, you should just be able to place the order with them online and have them print and ship it out. Unfortunately, that doesn't get your message translated into Korean (unless you can handle that yourself), but low-cost online translation services are quite convenient. A local FedEx office location might be able to help place the order for you, but I don't know how well their systems link up.

Not as convenient as a dedicated greeting card service, but they should be able to get the job done if a better solution doesn't emerge.
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Been in Korea for almost four years now - local department stores like Emart or Homeplus might be able to make something work. They won't have service in English, however, and e-commerce in Korea still feels stuck in 2003, courtesy of ActiveX controls...

You might consider a company that publishes snail mail for you through online. They've gotta have some Christmas card options :)
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Thank you for the replies and suggestions. This is a tough one, it seems.
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