getting airfoil to synch audio and video
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wireless speakers filter: So, coming down the home stretch for wireless music at my place. Thanks to good advice on a previous question, I have cool speakers, and Airport Express seems to handle iTunes quite well. But now I'm trying to get other audio sources (Safari, etc.) piping through the wifi, and there's a syncing problem, specifically with Airfoil....

That is, after it appeared the major/only option, I downloaded the current version of Airfoil (4.6.2) on my MacBook Pro, and all is well so far as actually getting audio to play on the speakers, but when I watch a music video on youtube, for instance, there's a noticeable lag (1 second or so perhaps) between the audio and video such that it feels annoyingly out of synch.

I'm guessing this problem has something to do with the time it takes for the signal to travel across the room from my laptop to the speakers, etc., but it's still frustrating and leaves me thinking there must be a better way. I mean, I can't imagine watching any sort of performance/dialogue with this arrangement, but why else try to get sources like web browsers to play nice with the wifi if you didn't want to have the audio and video in synch?

Anyway, is there something I'm missing that would get this arrangement to work? Or, alternatively, is there a better way that I need to try instead? Thx.
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Not gonna happen, unfortunately. Wireless transmission is notorious for sync/lag issues, and AirPlay (Apple's technology for such) is no exception. This is why they advertise AirPlay as a solution for listening to music, not an all-around wireless audio solution for movies and the like.
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You could send a wireless signal between your laptop and speakers a million times before the sound from your laptop speakers reached your ears. The delay is from encoding and decoding the audio, not the distance.

There are work arounds, though.
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(actually, i think it buffers it just in case of packet loss and retransmissions, so the audio doesn't cut in and out)
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Another potential workaround if you use VLC, you can manually adjust the audio timing. I think it works in 100 millisecond increments, faster or slower using the 'F' and 'G' keys on the OSX version. Although empath's link looks like a better solution.
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