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What are some computer "accessory" items I haven't thought of?

Recently bought a good pair of headphones and a much needed USB wireless network adapter.

What else, besides the usual nice mouse/nice keyboard and an external drive, can one get that's mainly utilitarian but ends up being a really nice feature to the computer experience? What have you bought that changed your geek life?

For gifts.....and for myself. *Grin*
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A second monitor.
posted by scose at 5:18 PM on December 16, 2011

A second (or third!) screen - the larger the better.
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I use my Wacom tablet daily, even if I'm not drawing. If I need to stand for a bit, I can use it instead of bending to reach the mouse.
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Dammit, i was just about to mention the tablet!!

OK, how about a nice USB hub?
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A USB flash drive to carry around portable apps you use often - web browser, email client, word processor, etc. I have a 16 GB drive that contains not only the PortableApps suite, but an installation of Ubuntu and a few other software tools.
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Max out the RAM.
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If you're using a laptop, I've really enjoyed having two chargers--one for my desk setup, and one for my computer bag. I love not having to crouch down and reach under my desk every time I need to pack away my laptop.
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  • Card reader for camera cards
  • Screen cleaning cloth/spray
  • Compressed Air
  • Backup software
  • HD Webcam
  • Good microphone
  • USB thumbdrive

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This stuff to get the crumbs out of your keyboard.
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It's not very flashy, but I have found it invaluable to have some spare internal hard drives around. Now you can experiment with other operating systems and modes of running your single computer without worrying about screwing up your main install, because you physically disconnect that drive and hook up a different one. It's like you have a whole new blank computer to try crazy stuff with.
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RAM is stupid cheap right now so you should consider maxing it out.

A USB Bluetooth adapter can be awesome. They are super tiny. Plug it in the back and forget about it.

If you have an open 5.25" slot, the cigarette lighter/cup holder is awesome/stupid.
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3D Mouse
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I *love* having a dock (or a "port extender") for my laptop. Not applicable for a desktop, of course, but being able to just place my machine on the dock and have extra screens, network connections, power all instantly connected is great.
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Maybe something in Gizmodo's recent list?
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Definitely multiple laptop chargers.
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