The art/porn divide is very relevant at work
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Is there a hack to create two Tumblr dashboards from one login?

So, I want to have two Tumblr dashboards--one for safe-for-work content (art, kitten photos) and one for NSFW content (naked ladies). But I'm also lazy--I don't want to have two different logins if I can help it. Are there any hacks to make this possible? So far, when I've tried favoriting or following smutty content, it shows up in my dashboard for both blogs.

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I don't know about two dashboards from one login, but the missing e browser extension contains what was formerly a Greasemonkey plugin called Safe Dash that hides all images until you mouseover them, if that helps you out. You can check out an image's context to determine whether it's going to be boobs or a puppy before you commit to looking at it.
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boobs or a puppy
I laughed convulsively at that for some reason.

I think missing e doesn't work on tumblr any more. There was some kerfluffle a few months back.
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I use separate accounts in separate browsers for the work safe vs. NSFW split, so I can leave them both logged in all the time.
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