DC NYE for uncool types
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Any cool "alternative"/non-fancy/non-clubby new years eve activities in DC or surrounding area?

I already know about the Black Cat and BYT stuff. Any other cool "alternative" new years stuff going on in the district this year? We don't feel like dancing or dressing up or being packed in an obnoxiously crowded atmosphere (crowded is fine, obnoxiously crowded is not), but we'd prefer not to just stay home and drink beers on the couch.

Was thinking of the Drive-By Truckers show at 930 but it's sold out.

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How about comedy? DC Improv or Riot Act?
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There's a showing of Second City's Spoiler Alert! Everybody Dies at Woolly Mammoth followed by a party afterwards. I've seen the show and it's really great. Woolly is one of those theaters that attracts all sorts -- I'd expect there to be people dressed to the hilt, hipsters in skinny jeans, and hippies in tie-dye and berks. It's expensive though.
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