Marvel-lous underwear.
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Iron Man uni-beam underwear. Does it exist? If not, how do I get a pair made?

So, my boyfriend loves The Avengers and I thought it'd be awesome to get him some underwear with Iron Man's uni-beam (you know, the source of all his power, the big light thing in his chest) printed on it. In the, er, crotchal region. Surely I am not the only one who thinks this is a hilarious idea. And yet, my googling has come up with nothing - Iron Man underwear does exist, but it just has comic panels printed on it. Aw.

If anyone can find somewhere that makes these, and ships to Australia, I will be absolutely overjoyed.

If not, how does one go about getting custom underwear printed? And if I were to go that route, where could I find a nice, clean, coloured graphic of the uni-beam by itself?

Bonus question: comic book nerds, have you ever received an awesome geeky gift? What was it?
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Do you mean the arc reactor? In that case, here's a store.
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And more.
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Response by poster: Ah, that's the search term I should have been using. I'm actually after red boxer-briefs or briefs with the arc reactor in the middle (not on the leg), so those stores are out, but that definitely helps my search - thank you!
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More for the bonus question: you want to be browsing the selection at ThinkGeek. If the "arc reactor crotch" idea pans out, you could get him a t-shirt with an arc reactor that actually lights up.
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"Arc reactor" is correct. Tony Stark didn't actually have such a thing in the comics for a very long time; his pacemaker was all internal. (That said, I'm pretty sure the comics have adapted it in recent years.)

As an aside, you could check out the wikipedia page for Iron Man to get some ideas. The movies haven't hit on it yet, but Tony's a full-blown (recovering) alcoholic in the comics. If you find this is fodder for humor (and many parodies do), you could do something with that.

I had someone bake me a cake for my birthday and put red, white and blue icing on it in the pattern of Captain America's shield. It was the best birthday cake ever.

Do not buy him comic-themed toys (dolls, etc) unless you consult a comic geek first. They're usually built by toy companies who don't give a shit about accuracy. I found a Captain America doll recently that came with a break-apart shield. Seriously, that's like a Jesus doll that dies and doesn't get up again.
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Target and Kohl's in the US have been carying a line of superhero briefs. They have an Iron Man one, but annoyingly aren't using the arc reactor on the crotchal area, while all their other ones do use the character's logo there (like Captain America).
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